This is the most impressive train journey in the world

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1. West Highland Railway, Scotland

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This train journey is 193 kilometers long and stretches from Glasgow to Fort William, all the way to the foot of Ben Nevis, where the highest mountain in the UK is located. Along the way you can marvel at the lakes, mountains and meadows. Bonus point: The Train Journey is world famous thanks to its appearance in the Harry Potter films as part of the Hogwarts Express.

2. Trans-Iranian Railways, Iran

This train has a length of 1,394 and has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since July 2021. The route contains 224 tunnels, 400 bridges and reaches a height of 2,130 meters. Not to be missed!

3. Gann, Australia

A tour of “The Ghan” will take you from one side of the Australian island to the other. In other words: 2,979 kilometers of deserts, forests and stunning mountains in a luxury train.

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4. Beijing – Lhasa Railway, China

There is no railway in the world that climbs higher than the Beijing-Lhasa Railway, which is 5076 meters above sea level. A 2,000 km line takes you all the way through the highlands of Tibet. Describing this unforgettable trip is an understatement.

5. The Darjeeling Railway in the Himalayas, India

This one is for Wes Anderson fans: after all, the train taken in the classic movie “Darjeeling Limited” is based on this train also known as the “Toy Train”. It doesn’t make sense, because the train looks like it came straight out of a cartoon. Its 89-kilometre journey is also well worth the effort: this train climbs some 2,134 meters between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling, through a mountain range.

6. The Oslo-Bergen Railway, Norway

This Norwegian train takes you through Hardangervidda, a rugged and stunning plateau near the fjords. To see on the way: glaciers, lakes, rivers, mountains and some animals here and there if you are lucky. Your trip ends in Bergen, a beautiful town sometimes referred to as the gateway to the Fjords.

7. Bernina Express, Switzerland

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Switzerland has been voted the king of trains many times, and not just thanks to its excellent public transport network. It also owes this title to a scenic train ride like Bernina, which travels all the way through the Swiss Alps to Turin.

8. Al-Kindi, Canada

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One of the longest on the list: the Canadian, a fantastic train journey of no less than 4,463 kilometers between Toronto and Vancouver. In four days, you’ll cross the huge country, with views of mountain ranges, forests, lakes, and meadows.

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9. Le Petit Train Jean, France

This very cute little train travels about 63 kilometers through the French Pyrenees. The antique yellow train makes the trip worthwhile on its own, but in summer the ride gets an extra touch: the open rooftops offer a great view under the scorching sun.

10. Trans Alpine, New Zealand

Another great train journey through the mountains, taking you halfway from Christchurch to Greymouth in 4 hours. Makes it worth it: the open roof, the Southern Alps, and even an audio guide give you an explanation of the scenery.

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