Easy Steps to Make a Video with Photos and Music


How often did it happen that you were thinking of posting a slideshow video of your trip but ended up posting just a few pictures? Do you know how to make a video with photos and music? 

Videos are a great tool that works well for business, education, and personal use. Instead of uploading normal photos, using videos can be an effective but crisp way to showcase various aspects of your life. 

Moreover, learning and creating videos with photos and music is not very difficult. Making such videos is an easy task, and these videos are more likely to trend on Instagram reels and YouTube shorts.

A Stepwise Guide to Make a Video With Photos and Music

Making a video from photos and music is not a big task, and everyone can do it easily as long as they follow certain steps and rules. Let’s go through some easy steps that will help you learn the basics of image-to-video slideshow making:

A Collage Video Making App Is a Must Have

To make a video with photos and music, you first need to install a slideshow-making app on your device. Invideo is one such application that offers you many more features, including video editing, video resizing, etc. If you are a PC user, browse Invideo, grant the necessary permissions, and you are all set for your task.

After signing up, you will be able to view the dashboard. Below the header, choose the blank template option on the right side. You can choose the format of your video depending on which platform you want to post your video on.

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Choose the Template Size

Generally, wide templates are for YouTube, vertical ones are best-suited for Instagram or Facebook stories, and the square ones are for the news feed on Instagram or Facebook. 

When you select the template you want, you then move to the editing platform. 

A black frame will appear with the text ‘Build Your Own Scene’. On the right panel, you will see layers for specific scenes you selected. On the left menu, you will be able to access all the media you are uploading. 

You can use the media provided by the application too.

Duplicate the Blank Sections and Upload Photos

First, remove the text appearing on the editing window and duplicate these blank slides to how many ever photos you want to use for this video. You can do this by clicking on the little menu button in the timeline and then clicking on ‘Duplicate’. 

Now, go back to the first blank slide and select the first image from your device or Invideo. Drag and drop the image. 

Do the same with all the slides and upload the photos.

Resize the Photos and Add Text Accordingly

The size of an image may vary from the size of the frame. So, you need to resize the photos. 

On the right panel, tap on image resizing options and resize each photo. There are several other resizing options that you can play with. 

If you want to add text, go to the left panel and choose the text option. You can select different solid texts and animated text fonts. Choose the one you want, hover on that, and click on the plus button to add it to the current scene.

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Edit the Text and Set the Time Duration of Each Slide

Go back to the layer panel to edit the colors. Also, you can edit the textbox background color and opacity here. 

Now, from the bottom timeline, set the time duration of that slide. Similarly, edit the text by adding content, colors, etc. 

You can do it by clicking on the pencil above the timeline and typing the time duration manually.

Animate the Text and Rearrange the Frames

On the layer panel on the right side, click on the animation option in the text editor section. Several animations, illustrations, and motion effects will appear in that menu for you to choose from. 

On the bottom timeline, you can rearrange all these frames by dragging and dropping frames from one place to another. It will help you find the best sequence of photos in your image to video work.

Adding the Music Track

Go back to the left editing panel and choose the music option. A long list of music tracks will appear. Play them and choose the one that best suits your video. 

You can also select a music track from your device. Just select the music track, tap on the green-colored plus button, and this track will be added to your video. 

You can balance the volume of the soundtrack so that it does not overpower the music track volume. While these basic things are enough, many other effects are also available to make the video look and sound more appealing.

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Export the Work and Save to Your Device

Now that you are all done making an appealing video with photos and music, it is time to review the work you just did. 

If there is something that you need to improve, go to that slide and make changes accordingly. 

Then go to the header and look for the export button in the right corner. Go to the download folder, and you will find your recently created project.

As it is an online editor, so you can access it anytime. However, if you want to have that video on your device, right-click on the video and click on the download option, and the video will be available on your device.

Advanced Effects to the Video

If you are expecting something more than just a simple video with some text and music track, Invideo allows you to do it. Before exporting, try out different transition effects between frames. 

Different audio fade effects and overlays will make your video look more professional and attractive.


You can follow these simple steps and try making a video by yourself. It might seem daunting and like a lot of work initially, but once you get used to it, it will be a coolest tool like a piece of cake!

Why wait? Take some of the best pictures and start creating videos and share them with your friends today!


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