Top 7 Slots With Best Buying Features

If you are interested in skipping base games on slots and jumping to securing the big bags, you may want to pay close attention to the slots mentioned in this article. Today, in most online casinos, you will find ‘bonus buy’ features as they are otherwise known. This feature allows punters to skip into bonus rounds without waddling through time-wasting base rounds. All thanks to ‘Big Time Gaming,’ a prominent gaming software provider that started the ‘bonus buy’ feature trend with a 2017 slot release – White Rabbit Getaways.

Are Bonus Buy Features Legal?

Not all online gambling regulators were in acceptance of the feature’s introduction in 2017. However, this disdain stemmed from the fact that many gamblers in the UK felt bonus buys could trigger excessive bankroll spending and gambling addictions. Although, the list of regulators in this puddle is short, comprising just the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). The commission imposed a ban on all slots with bonus features in 2019 in UK.

Despite the ban in the UK, players from countries with high gambling rates, such as Canada, Germany, and Sweden, among others, have full access to buying bonus features on any casino of their choosing. Although bonus buy may not be available to UK players, all other casino features are still available for use.

Are Best Buying Features Expensive?

If you are a casual player, you may want to tread with caution about bonus buys. Although bonus buys are a shortcut to extreme fun with bonuses, they reflect the number of base game levels players will play to activate bonuses traditionally. As a result, players may pay up to 50 times – 150 times your casual bet to start bonus rounds directly. Further, you will find out if bonus buys are worth the trouble.

Top 7 Slots with Best Buying Features Popular in UK

We feel the pain of UK gamblers who can not have the opportunity to play these slots for real money, and we can only hope that UKGC revises its decision soon enough. However, the opportunity to play free bonus buy slots UK players still have. Some sites offer a variety of games with bonus buy features that can be played with the help of fake coins. There is no need to register or download anything, you can just open the game with any browser and start playing. If you are out of fake coins, it is enough to reload the page. That’s how UK gamblers stay up-to-date with new slots issued and can try all of them any time.

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UK gamblers have their own list of favourite slots with special features. In recent times, the following seven slots with bonus buy features are the best statistically:

Slot Game Software Provider Reel design 🔥 Bonus buy feature cost RTP Max Wins
Money Train 2 Relax Gaming 5×4, 6×4, 7×4 80x 96.20% 50,000x
Extra Chilli Megaways Big Time Gaming Megaways 50x 96.26% – 96.82% 30,000x
Deadwood Nolimit Gaming 3×4 71x, 750x 96.08% – 96.12% up to 14,000x
1 Million Megaways BC Iron Dog Studio Megaways 50x-270x 96.10% 45,000x
Rick and Morty Megaways BluePrint Gaming Megaways 150x 96.55% 50,000x
300 Shields Exchange NextGen Gaming 5×3 60x 95.66% 17,773x per spin
Dead or Alive 2 NetEnt 5×3 67x 96.80% 111,111x

Best Slots Details

The slots which are considered the best in the UK because of their buying features are popular not only there but worldwide as well. Further, you will read the detailed information about what these slots are and the benefits of their bonus features.

Money Train 2

A follow-up on the previously released Money Train slot in 2019, Money Train 2 is nothing short of spectacular, with more appealing outward features than its predecessor. Asides from being better on the outlook, Relax Gaming considerably lifted the max win potential from 20,000x to a whopping 50,000x. Also, the bonus symbol multiplier was increased from 1-3x to 1-10x.

The bonus type here revolves around free spins. The bonus buy gives you three free spins reloaded when you land a bonus symbol on one of the reels.

Six new symbols have been added in this latest version, removing the ‘widener’ symbol. However, reels can be widened with extra spins containing just symbols. The symbols are:

  • Golden bonus symbol: 20-200x multiplier.
  • Persistent sniper: doubles cash prizes on 3-8 randomly selected symbols on every spin.
  • Sniper: doubles cash prizes on 3-8 randomly selected symbols on a single spin.
  • Collector/Payer: collects all cash prize multipliers on the reels, adds their value, and distributes total value to all symbols.
  • Necromancer: randomly brings back 2-7 already used symbols.
  • Reset plus: increases reloaded spin numbers from 3 to 4.

Extra Chilli Megaways

With a bonus cost of 50x your bet amount, eight guaranteed free spins feel like a steal. You can also gamble to win up to 24 free spins, but you get to walk away with nothing if it is a hit-and-miss case. However, there is a ‘collect’ button for faint-hearted folks who will not want to see their bonus buy fade into oblivion.

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Moreover, if you are looking for a reason to risk it all, maybe an ‘unlimited win multiplier’ possibility will be enough motivation. Every single win from free spins increases the multiplier value by a factor of 1. So, if you have as many free spins as possible, this may be huge for you.


This slot game comprises two bonus buy features, one being enormously huge on payouts. For a whopping cost of 750x the initial bets, players can get ten shoot-out hunter spins (with guaranteed wilds) or ten shoot-out gunslinger spins (with sticky multipliers), with potential returns of up to 40,000x the initial bets.

However, the bonus mentioned above may appear to have an unreasonably high cost to players. Moreover, players can opt for the cheaper option, which would cost a mere 75x the bet amount. Players get the same bonus options as the former but without the ‘shoot out’ feature.

1 Million Megaways BC

Players are entitled to 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 free spins for a cost of 50 times to 270 times the initial bet. However, the bonus buy is not limited to only an unlimited win multiplier; it comprises other bonus features offering scintillating bonus options. These features include:

  • Locking rows: players get an additional free spin and a win multiplier with a reel locking on seven symbols.
  • Extra reel: Bonus is played with a different middle reel – the mammoth reel. With the reel locking on nine symbols, players get five additional free spins.
  • One million megaways: The extra mammoth reel allows the possibility of a show of 1 million megaways.
  • Sticky Wilds: Sticky Wilds may substitute for other bonus symbols with the mammoth reel locking at nine rows, staying through the entire bonus period.

Rick and Morty Megaways

Alongside fantastic and humorous references to the Rick and Morty show, this slot game is also fun-filled with a vast potential to win big on it. However, there are three distinct bonus rounds on this slot, leaving it more rewarding than the rest of its peers. They include:

  • Pickle rick spins: it offers an increasing win multiplier with every spin with 100 pickles that can change into any bonus feature.
  • Federation wild spins: turn a random number of bonus symbols into wilds.
  • Vindicator spins land players extra spins and huge cash prizes when the vindicator symbol lands on reels.
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You can win as high as 50,000x your stake if you are fortunate.

300 Shields Exchange

This is one of the most fun-filled slots you can decide to play. For the bonus, players are to seek out shields which, when collected, can unlock free spins and very high win multipliers.

0, 2, 6, and 12 shields are required to unlock levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the bonus, respectively. Additionally, 2x, 5x, 25x, and 300x win multipliers are won in the bonus levels, respectively, while five additional free spins are available in levels 2, 3, and 4. At 60x your bet amount, this is an excellent bargain.

Dead or Alive 2

With its predecessor being very popular for its free spins and potential winnings, Dead or Alive 2 is even more prevalent. You can win with a very minimal stake, 111,111 times the stake, which is exceptionally high. There are three different bonus features made available in this slot. The bonus features include:

  • Train heist: gives free spins and increased multipliers when a wild symbol appears. If the multipliers accumulate to 16x, players are awarded five additional free spins.
  • Old saloon: doubles the winnings from the spins as long as sticky wild symbols appear and stay on the reels. If all five reels have sticky symbols, players are awarded five additional free spins.
  • High noon saloon gives a 2x and a 3x multiplier for 2 and 3 wild symbols appearing on the reel. In the case of multiple appearances, the respective multipliers are multiplied together in their numbers. Players are also awarded five free spins for wild symbols appearing on all reels.


The listed slots above are some of the best buy bonus slots you will find. However, it is essential to reiterate that buy bonuses are very expensive, and players are at a high risk of losing all investments if caution is not taken. Furthermore, we advise players with access to buying bonus features to be reasonable with their choices and gamble responsibly.

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