Touring and VAB predict busy Easter holidays on European roads: Easter Monday ‘extremely busy’ | internal

The travel agencies Touring and VAB are expecting a lot of traffic on European roads over the Easter weekend. In Belgium, the weather will also be “extremely busy” on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Vacationers who wish to avoid traffic jams are therefore better off on a Friday early in the morning or later in the evening, Turing said, or on a Saturday than at noon. A bit of traffic disruption is expected for Easter itself.

VAB expects less traffic on Belgian roads in the coming days, as the Easter holidays in Flanders do not coincide with those in Wallonia and Brussels this year. In francophone education, the Easter holiday runs from 1 to 14 May, and in Flanders from 3 to 16 April.


In concrete terms, Touring refers to France’s “code red” on Friday, April 7th in Ile-de-France and the Rhone-Alpes region. In other French regions, traffic will be “less of a problem”. On Saturday 8 April, the VAB and Touring expected traffic jams again, especially in the northwest. Touring advises those who want to avoid the French crowds to leave on Thursday 6th April or Saturday 8th April.


Especially in southern Germany, on the roads to Austria and Switzerland, it will be “very busy” with small traffic jams this weekend, Turing reported. In ten German states, the Easter holidays start at the same time as the Flanders holidays. VAB expects peak times on Friday afternoons from 1pm to 7pm, on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to noon and from 4pm to 8pm.

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Italy, Austria and Switzerland

Touring also expects “heavy but smooth traffic” in Italy and Austria from Thursday, April 6, in Switzerland it will be “even busier with delays”. Friday, April 7th and Saturday, April 8th will continue to be very busy heading south in Austria and Switzerland. Touring also expects tough traffic with traffic jams in Italy.

Specifically, the VAB speaks of an “increasing risk of congestion” in the Tauern, Inntal and Brenner tunnels and in the Fernpass and Tirolerroute, around Salzburg and Vorarlberg. In Switzerland, the mobility organization forecasts traffic on the Gotthard Road, access routes to the ski areas of Graub√ľnden, the Bernese Oberland, Valais and central Switzerland.

Easter Monday

Finally, due back on Easter Monday, April 10, it will be “extremely busy” on all European roads, with code red in Switzerland, the French Ile-de-France and the northwest, and code orange in southern Germany, Austria and Italy.

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