“Trump made to-do lists in classified documents” | outside

A former aide to former US President Donald Trump told federal investigators that Trump repeatedly wrote her to-do lists on documents classified as classified. ABC News reported this based on sources familiar with her statements.

The aide, Molly Michael, is said to have received requests or orders from Trump on more than one occasion that appeared on sensitive White House material with clear hashtags. The documents included information that helped Trump prepare for phone calls, meetings with foreign leaders, or other internationally relevant matters.

To-do lists of classified materials were at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate when FBI agents searched the property on August 8, 2022, but the FBI did not take them, according to ABC.

“Illegal leaks”

Michael became Trump’s executive assistant in the White House in 2018 and continued to work for him after leaving office. She resigned last year in the wake of Trump’s alleged refusal to comply with federal requests.

A Trump spokesman dismissed the ABC report as “illegal leaks” and denied any wrongdoing by the former president.

Trump and two of his aides were accused of illegally storing large amounts of classified documents in his personal home and lying to federal investigators who tried to recover them. He says he is innocent.

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