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After his clear victory in the US state of Iowa, it was said that his opponents were “smart and capable people.” But as the second Republican primary election in New Hampshire approaches, former President Donald Trump launched a new attack on his biggest rival there: Nikki Haley.

In New Hampshire, voters will go to the polls on January 23. Trump is also leading this state, but his rival Nikki Haley appears to have a serious chance of beating him.

According to the latest projections from the FiveThirtyEight news site, Trump will receive 44.4% of the vote on Tuesday, but Nikki Haley is close behind him in Iowa with 31.4%. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis trails far behind at just 5.3 percent.


Trump feels hot breath on his neck and attacked Haley yesterday, both during a campaign rally and on social media. “Anyone who listened to Nikki ‘Nemrada’ Haley’s crazy speech last night would have thought she won the Iowa caucuses,” he said, intentionally misspelling Haley’s name. He had previously said that Hailey changed her name to Nikki for political reasons, which is not the case. Her name on her birth certificate is Nimarata Nikki Randhawa and she is married to Michael Haley.

According to Trump, Haley in Iowa “couldn’t even beat the flawed Ron DeSanctimonius, who had no money and no hope left. Nikki came in a distant third!” She said she would never run against me — “He was a great president” — and she should have “Don’t do it. Now she’s stuck with weak policies and a very strong MAGA base, and there’s nothing she can do!” Trump is angry.

He also shared an edited photo of Haley, depicting her as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom he defeated in the 2016 presidential election.

In the middle is the doctored photo of Haley (left) and Clinton (right). © Reuters/RV

Haley also received the brunt during a rally in New Hampshire. There, Trump spoke about Haley’s time as US ambassador to the United Nations during his presidency. “I’ve worked with her for a long time. And she was fine. not good. You were not well. She’s not strong enough to deal with these people. I’ll tell you it’s not hard enough.

80 years old

Haley responded by attacking both Trump and Biden about their ages. “Trump and Biden are both 80 years old. They have put our country into even greater debt, billions of dollars. Our children will never forgive them. They both lack a vision for the future of our country because they are preoccupied with the past – with investigations, revenge, and injustices. Americans deserve better.”

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