Malcolm X’s Family Calls For The Investigation To Reopen …

The daughters of African-American human rights activist Malcolm X have demanded that the investigation into his murder be reopened. New affidavit discredits the New York Police (NYPD) and the Federal Police (FBI). A spokesman for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said it was “reviewing” the file.

At a press conference on Saturday, a written letter was presented from a former New York police officer who has since passed away. He accuses law enforcement, the New York Police, and the FBI of complicity in the murder of Malcolm X.

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According to the nephew of former black secret agent Raymond Wood, he approached Malcolm X’s entourage at the request of his boss. He was arrested.

So on February 21, 1965, 55 years ago, Malcolm X had to do without these two men when he came down to Audubon Hall, a place in northern Manhattan to give a speech. Three gunmen killed Malcolm X, whose real name was Haji Malik Al-Shabaz. The former police officer, who insisted that his testimony was not made public until after his death, said that the New York Police and the FBI had kept some elements of the investigation secret. These two servants wanted to kill Malcolm X.

Malcolm X's family demands that an investigation into his murder be reopened

Netflix – Documentary

In February 2020, after the documentary aired,Who killed Malcolm X? ‘On Netflix, Manhattan attorney Cyrus Vance asked the squads to review the file. They had to determine whether or not the investigation should be reopened.

The New York Police responded Sunday that they had provided “all records relating to this case” to the attorney. The NYPD “remains available to contribute in any way to the investigation.” The FBI declined to comment.

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“Any element that enables us to better understand the reality of this terrible tragedy must be examined,” said Elisa Shabazz, one of Malcolm X’s three daughters, who attended the press conference.

Malcolm X's family demands that an investigation into his murder be reopened
Elisa Shabaz (center) and her two sisters at the press conference.
Photo: AFP

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