Trump ‘taken more than 700 pages of classified documents’

Former US President Donald Trump took with him at least 700 pages of classified documents before leaving the White House, some of which were classified under the highest level of secrecy. To write the National Archives in a letter to Trump’s attorney.

The date of the said letter dates back to May 10, US media reported. It concerns documents stored at Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida that were delivered in January.

The letter also states that it is up to the government to “assess the potential harm caused by the manner in which the materials were stored and transported”. The correspondence took place prior to an FBI search two weeks ago. Then other documents, including The part is classified as top secretBrought.

The National Archives is a federal agency that monitors the preservation and archiving of historical (governmental) documents.

Trump’s house has been searched Caused a lot of attention in the United States of America. Trump stated that he released the documents in question as president: The current president has broad powers to lift the confidentiality of the documents. But for that, a number of official steps must be followed.

Trump’s lawyers served Monday File a complaint against the government. He wants to appoint an independent auditor to investigate the seized materials. Until then, the investigation must be halted, he demands. Taking documents with you may be a criminal offense. Trump, 76, described the actions of justice against him as politically motivated.

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