Trump targets the ‘official office of the former president’ in …

Former US President Trump has established an official “office” in Palm Springs, Florida. “The office of the former presidentIt will serve as the base for all its future activities.

the desk He will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, statements, public appearances, and other official activities. ”The agency should also pursue“ the interests of the United States and the Trump administration’s agenda. ”He said because“ Trump will always and forever be an advocate of the American people. ”He re-established the agency revitalized the rumor mill. On the day Trump left the White House, he said he would return “in one form or another.” For example, it has been speculated that Trump will bid again for president in 2024. It is whispered for some time that he might start his own party. However, the process is An upcoming impeachment could frustrate all of that.If the Senate finds Trump guilty, he will no longer be allowed to hold office in the future.

According to his attorney and former attorney Michael Cohen, there is a possibility that Trump has already given himself a pardon, albeit in secret. Because according to Cohen, the constitution does not stipulate that the president must disclose to whom and when to grant such a presidential pardon. The question then remains whether “pardoning himself” will stand the law’s test.

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