, because it’s World Television Day

Some people love it: Early in the morning, take out your paper TV guide and use a pen to mark out what’s on TV in the evening. It also has something nice, but why not create a numeric list? helps you with this especially because today is World Television Day, and we are discussing it in the app of the week. app

Whether you do it to keep him warm at home or because you don’t want to miss anything: just check what’s on TV, what you want to watch and when, it comes in very handy. This is already possible on, but in the application it is all a little easier. In it you can not only see what the programming for all Dutch channels looks like: you can also save programs so that you can easily switch from one program to another in the evening.

The advantage of TVGids is that it also gives tips on new shows, so you don’t miss anything about the new TV season. Or if another Dutch talk show gets canceled early and you’re curious that it will take its place. There are different sections in the app: Under the main page you will find TV tips, movies on TV and the latest TV news. Under Now & Later you can see what’s currently on and soon after on TV and with TV Guide you can see what’s on for each channel throughout the day. Do you need more advice? Then look at Movies + Series for a more comprehensive list of movies and series that will be on TV that day.

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In addition, in the myguide section you can see everything related to your personal settings, but also the appearance of the application. You can select the genres you like, so that the application can advise you better. Finally, this is also where you will find your saved items and thus your TV menu for the evening. All in all, it’s a fairly basic TV guide, but one in which you’ll find everything you need. You do get tips, but you are left somewhat free as to what you want to watch. The application indicates what degree the movie or series will receive, so you can be guided by this in your choice.

The biggest advantage of is that it is free to use. You don’t have to get expensive subscriptions, making you look like a thief of your own wallet by investing in a hard copy (besides it’s not a sustainable solution). This app helps you just as much – and perhaps better in some ways – in choosing what you want to watch and is therefore highly recommended. It is also possible to use the application without logging in, if you do not feel comfortable storing your data with a company. At the same time, the application asks for a little information: your first name, your email address, and the password that you created yourself. So he keeps it very simple, just like the whole setup of the app and it should be clear: this works very well.

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