Twentse Schijf van Vijf should motivate Tukkers to eat more ‘private backyard’

The general wheel of fives is known to many people. It was developed in the 1950s by the Bureau of Nutrition Information, now known as the Bureau of Nutrition Information Nutrition center. At Schijf van Schijf, you can see with the naked eye and at a glance what you can eat to maintain a healthy and varied diet. This applies to bread, grain products, vegetables, fruits, water, tea, coffee, oils, fats and legumes as well as meat and fish.

“If you stick to the Five Wheel, you know you’re eating fairly healthy,” says Quinn Olde Halter of Young Twenty Council, which launched the Twenty Five Wheel. Generic products have been replaced by regional products. “Yes, we have linked the producers from Twente to it. It turns out that you can fill this segment very well with local produce.

“In general, local produce has very few added resources. So it’s a little healthier than the produce you can get in the supermarket.”

Queen Old Halter from Young Twenty Board

Local products

Local health promotion plays a role behind the launch of the initiative. “We see that some chronic diseases are more prevalent in Twente than in the rest of the Netherlands. If you look at obesity, we are ahead of the national average. This also plays a major role among young people. An argument for eating more local products? “In general, local products contain less of added resources. So it’s a little healthier than the products you get in the supermarket.

Twenty Five Wheel with products from the region

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Photo: Young Council Twente

Food miles

the Twente wheel of five Token residents should be encouraged to consume more local foods, but the idea behind the Twenty Five Wheel goes much further. Young Twente’s board also wants to convince directors they can do more. “This actually addresses different issues, for example the transformation of agriculture, stimulating the local economy and sustainability. So there is a lot to be achieved, and there is a lot to gain.”

The Young Twente Board says a consumer could easily get 40,000 miles of food on their plate every day and find that strange. Vegetables from Africa, fruits from China, beef from Argentina? “The Twenty Five Wheel shows that all essential nutritional ingredients are readily available in Twenty. “This means you are working sustainably and healthily. “In addition to the limited food miles, these staple products are very healthy.”

“It would be great if Twente Wheel of Five was developed by a supermarket or GGD. It would be great if the area picked it up.”

Queen Old Halter from Young Twenty Board

Young Council Twente

Young Twente Board is the organization that wants to enhance the area socially and economically. Projects are being prepared and designed that will help Twente move forward in the areas of economy, high-tech, talent retention, but also circularity and sustainability. “We are trying to put the Twente region on the map as best as possible for the future.” Olde Halter sees the Twenty Five Wheel as the basis for so much more. “It would be great if this was developed by a supermarket or GGD. It would be great if the region picked it up.”

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Local producers

A Twente resident calls on people to look for more local producers. “You’re not just doing it for yourself. It’s so much fun to see what these people do. They can talk so passionately about the products they make and they’re so delicious.” Finally, Old Halter would like to give an example of such a regional product: “Take chicken from Albergen. It can’t be compared to chicken from the supermarket. It’s a completely different product and a world of difference. You just have to try it.”


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