Two months of Brexit: it beeps and it develops

Two months ago, after years of negotiations, the time had finally come: Great Britain left the EU. Podcast Europe continues Partnered with Brexit expert Rem Cordweck from Klingandale. Conclusion: It screams and creates, we are far from negotiating …

Europa Turning Door # 51 – We will take Brexit shares after 2 months. Conclusion: It makes noise and creates on all sides (S02)

Cortevek is very critical of the situation. “Some of the doom pictures that were warned before the deal have come true. It’s not really easy …”, he says. There are many examples of this: “There are big problems when you want to move goods from the UK to the EU. There are big problems in British fishing. There are big problems for British bands and artists who want to perform in European plays.”

The British government is talking about this Tooth brushing problems, Brushing teeth problems, but that is not entirely justified, says Courtweck. “Brexit will have a major impact on relations within the United Kingdom, for example, between England and Scotland,” Kordweck said.

It is true, however, that the UK is benefiting from Brexit: “some sectors are benefiting”, he thinks. “When it comes to new, modern forms of financial services, the British can be more competitive.”

Northern Ireland

The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland will also be a headache. Former Brexit negotiator David Frost is now the EU adviser to the British government, who is strongly opposed to the EU. He even called the EU ‘malicious’ in The Sunday Telegraph yesterday.

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Earlier, the British unilaterally decided to extend the adjustment period with a smooth border crossing between Ireland and Northern Ireland. It has received a lot of criticism from the EU, but also from Ireland. “An agreement has been reached, but the EU and the British are again totally opposed,” says Tim de Witt. This will not be the last time in Frost News, he thinks, “David Frost, remember that name.”

Orban and #EUolifant

The podcast also cites Victor Orban’s Hungarian party Fidesz’s European delegation, which appears to have expelled the Christian Democratic Euro group from the EPP, but says it is still a member of the “Christian Democratic Family”. Arendt John Boycestigen also talks about the hashtag #EUolifant, where he tries to get the ‘EU’ thing into a little more discussion.

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