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It is said that British Home Secretary Priti Patel will rank countries based on their willingness to take in criminals and rejected asylum seekers from Britain. British media reported this.

The arrangement will be used to pressure countries to agree to swap people, The Times reports. Countries that refuse to receive criminals and illegal immigrants from their countries are subject to sanctions.

According to The Times, the Home Secretary could suspend visa applications from those countries, charge a fee of £190 on their applications, and extend visa processing time. This is possible under the Nationality and Boundaries Act (NABA), a new law that went into effect last week.

The list includes countries such as Albania, Nigeria and Poland, which are more willing to take back criminals and rejected asylum seekers. Britain hopes the arrangement will encourage other countries to follow suit.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. © AFP

The list comes after the British government signed an asylum agreement with Rwanda in April. This agreement states that people traveling illegally to the UK will not be allowed access to the asylum procedure. Instead, migrants, of any nationality, are sent to Rwanda to apply for asylum. Unexpected return.

According to Patel, the deal should ensure fewer people dangerously crossing the Channel. But for now, the agreement does not have the hoped-for deterrent effect, as more than 3,000 migrants crossed in June.

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