Underworld on Jürgen Konings: “He saw this at the scene …

Michael Dantin, a criminologist at the University of Liege, says Jürgen Koonings’ modus operandi suggests he planned ahead. According to the criminologist, one can talk about “screenwriting”. He’ll tell you that on Sunday RTL information.

The fact that he sent farewell letters, and professed his love to his friends, said he made sure to ‘clean the house until nothing could be found’ and left his military decorations on his parents’ kind of gross line. Underworld explains “something not far from the things we see in certain movies”. According to Dantinne, Conings thought everything well and we should especially ask ourselves the question of “how much he was thinking” and “how much he had the wrong leads. (leading points, editor) managed to create “.

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“He’s currently the protagonist in this movie, an influence that comes from all the lights on him. He’s now the protagonist of the movie he’s writing,” the underworld said. So Conings could imagine a full movie script. The only question then is whether it will go as expected. “This is a question we must ask ourselves: Are there fake leads and does he enjoy playing with the feet of the security service? Or did he have a well-defined scenario that he couldn’t have grasped,” Dantine wonders. “It’s hard to say at the moment. We don’t encounter someone who is completely impulsive or irrational. If it had been, we would have found it already,” it still seemed.

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