US study: “The more you exercise, the more alcohol you drink”

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Those who exercise a lot also drink more alcohol. This is the remarkable conclusion of Fit and high? A study published in the New York Times among others. Among other things, the researchers looked at the relationship between physical fitness, exercise, and alcohol consumption.

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As many as 40,000 American adults participated in the study. Both men and women are physically active and in good shape. Soon it turned out that they drink twice as much alcohol as absolutely unfit citizens. This study is backed by previous studies showing that exercise and alcohol often go hand in hand.

Quite strange because people who have a healthy habit, in this case sports, tend to acquire more healthy habits: for example, active athletes rarely smoke, and they maintain good eating habits … In other words, you would expect their alcohol consumption to be lower as well . Then average. It is not so, because it was created already in 2001 on the basis of opinion polls that athletes like to drink from the cup. In 2015, 150 adults were asked to keep an online food diary for three weeks. What turned out? Those who exercise most often drink alcohol afterward.

In the new study, conducted by researchers at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, questionnaires were large-scale interspersed with physical exams and experiments. This shows that the most fit women drink about 4 to 7 glasses of wine and beer… per week. They are more than twice as likely to effectively fall into this category of average drinkers than untrained women. Exactly the same with men, although this was talking about a maximum of 14 alcoholic drinks per week.

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