More than 100 million people still missing: The startling trial of diamond theft from a German museum begins | abroad

More than two years after the daring and sensational robbery of a treasure museum in Dresden, Germany, six people with an organized crime background are on trial. The stolen diamonds and jewelry have yet to be recovered.

The robbery of the Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault), the museum treasury at the Residenzschloss castle in Dresden, caused an uproar at the end of 2019 because the thieves were very sophisticated and the loot was worth more than 100 million euros.

Prosecutor Christian Weber asserted Friday at the opening of the trial that the stolen items were “unique and irreplaceable treasures of exceptional cultural and historical significance.”

Just a few minutes

Early in the morning of November 25, 2019, thieves broke into Grünes Gewölbe, obtaining their astonishing loot in just eight minutes. They smashed showcases with gems and diamonds with an axe. They had turned off the burglar alarm by arson, and the front grille in front of the museum window had been cut and replaced a few days earlier.

Thieves stole the crown jewels of the powerful Augustus II, nicknamed the “Sun King of Saxony”. It’s about 18th-century jewellery, from diamond-encrusted brooches and brooches to a Saxon pearl and summery necklace set with 770 diamonds. Together they took 21 pieces totaling over 4,300 diamonds.

They set their own car on fire to get away and left them in a parking garage. Read more below the pictures.

Some stolen jewelry. © Saxony Police

One of the stolen jewels.

One of the stolen jewels. © AFP


The defendants, who were arrested in Berlin in November 2020 after months of video and DNA analysis, belong to a criminal gang of Lebanese origin, the “Rammo clan”, which is very active in Germany. The process surrounding the theft is now surrounded by security measures.

Six defendants, two of whom were minors at the time of the crimes, are on trial for theft. They face up to ten years in prison. Striking details: two suspects are already serving 4.5 years in prison for a previous robbery in Berlin. In 2017, they stole a special commemorative coin of at least 100 kilograms of gold worth 3.75 million euros.

The accused were transferred to court today to start the trial.

The accused were transferred to court today to start the trial. © AFP

Approximately 40 other people who may have also been involved in the operation in Dresden are still wanted. German investigators initially also suspected the negative behavior of the four museum guards. But due to a lack of evidence, they have so far been left undisturbed.


Prosecutors offered $500,000 for tipping leading up to the Jewel Treasure, but various other cash rewards were also offered for tips. However, experts fear that the treasure will never be found again. There is a good chance that the stolen gems have been worked on in the time since the theft.

The Grüne Gewölbe (green vault) houses one of the oldest and best-preserved collections of treasures in Europe. Thus the treasure was created between 1723 and 1730 by Augustus II the Strong, Elector of Saxony. Try to outsmart Sun King Louis XIV with his impressive collection of jewels.

The last suspect (22) in the robbery of amazing jewelry from the German Museum

The new tip reward for the stolen German jewelry treasure is €6.5 million

Conscious History Museum in Dresden where thieves can move.

Conscious History Museum in Dresden where thieves can move. © AFP

Picture in the museum.

Picture in the museum. © AP

One of the defendants is in court today.

One of the defendants is in court today. © Environmental Protection Agency

One of the defendants in court.

One of the defendants in court. © AFP

One of the defendants in court.

One of the defendants in court. © AFP

Statue outside the courtroom.

Statue outside the courtroom. © AFP

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