Using your iPhone without a cover is okay

Pssst, the new iPhone is about to expire! Once you take your new phone out of the box, you will admire the beautiful, shiny design for a few seconds. Then you put it in a plastic box worth a few euros. why?

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The cases come apart from the elegant design of your iPhone

Apple invests millions of dollars annually to give the new iPhone a new look research to give. Design is always the most discussed topic. In blogs and in the comments below YouTube videos, you regularly read comments like: “What has changed? It looks just like the last one!” or “This is the most beautiful iPhone ever!”

Not surprisingly, the design of the iPhone excites a lot of people. Depending on the design, you can tell which model you have in your hands. Therefore, all-new iPhone colors usually sell better than standard versions like white and black. Think, for example, of the ocean blue version of iPhone 12 Pro. I hardly see other colors for the device on the street.

Although – I don’t really know how many people use a non-blue iPhone 12 Pro at all. Almost all iPhones I find out in the wild are in cases. Yellow ‘transparent’ plastic bits out of a few euros and a giant bulletproof shield: you can think of it too crazy, or people slandering their monthly iPhone costing their wages.

iPhone is a tool to be seen

Doesn’t it make sense for people to wear caps Iphone to do? Nobody wants cracks, dents, or other damage. Cracks are really a shame, but in the end they prevent them quite easily: just don’t drop your iPhone. Handle your belongings with care.

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In addition, Apple puts a lot of effort into strengthening the iPhone cover. Thanks to technologies like Ceramic Shield, iPhone is more resistant to drops and shocks. This is very reassuring and makes using the ugly case less and less “essential”.

Then there are the scratches. Small grooves in your screen, which you can feel a little when you run your fingernail along the screen. Do scratches limit the functionality of your iPhone? new. Do you see scratches when turning on your screen? Well, no, no. How bad are they actually? Your iPhone is a gadget, and that includes traces of use.

And if you find the scratches really annoying, there are always glass screen protectors in place. It is virtually invisible and also provides extra drop protection. Once this screen protector is scratched, just replace it. A simple and effective solution that will not spoil the design of your iPhone.

Nice covers are there, but…

Not every situation is ugly, of course. There are all kinds of unique and well-thought-out iPhone cases that really add functionality. Consider cases with built-in external batteries or card holders.

However, these covers cost a lot of money and often get ugly quickly with normal use. Plastic and plastic scratches are usually made very quickly. Much faster even than the glass back of your iPhone, which you want to keep beautifully. And why actually? Thanks to the case, you can’t see the back anyway. Then there may be some scratches on it.

Of course, the value of your iPhone will continue to increase if it continues to look like new. In the context of saving the environment and money, this is a good reason to use case. Not planning to sell your iPhone later? Then enjoy the beautiful design of your smartphone, handle it with care, and please leave those ugly cases in the store.

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