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from The Belgian Flemish Royal Academy and the Youth Academy yearly up toScience Communication Awards“To scientists of exceptional merit in the field of science communication. The annual awards are given to researchers who have devoted themselves extensively during the past two years to a concrete project on science communication. Twelve scientists or teams who have been able to bring their expertise to a wide audience will be honored and will be honored on November 24 in Brussels. Then the audience award winner “Eos Audience Favorite” will also be announced. So don’t forget to vote for Professor Jean DumoulinAnd Professor Dr. Maximilian Martins employment Professor Dr. Danny Bright, who were honored for their scientific contribution to the exhibition.Jan van Eyck: A Visual Revolution‘ In the MSK Gent And the restoration of the Lamb of God. The jury praised the way in which the public was informed of the importance and impact of the Ghent altarpiece restoration, which raised an appreciation for science, re-established interest in Flemish artistic heritage and underlined once again the social significance of the system. Put on the map. The two academies also praised the virtual tour and accompanying activities, which were held under difficult conditions.

cast your vote For Jan Dumolyn, Maximiliaan Martens, and Danny Praet on the Eos audience favorites list!

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