Lots of activities in Lister during Mental Health Week

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People feel fit only when not only the body but also the mind is in balance. Paying attention to mental flexibility is essential. That is why the national government has invited organizations to take part in the Mental Health Week from 22 to 28 May 2023. This week is for all Dutch people, with special attention this year being paid to young people, young people, working people and people at risk. Lester loves to get involved.

About fifty Lister employees organize activities for clients, their loved ones, colleagues and other interested parties. Activities are aimed at meaning, creativity, healthy living, socializing, and feeling good about yourself. Lister wants to get people moving, both literally and figuratively. And where possible, expand your network of clients by giving them the opportunity to meet new people.
Having a good social network and exercising are important for your mental health. This is why the activities are about meeting people and doing something fun together. This week’s theme is: Share and Meet.

Where are the activities?
Activities are organized across Leicester. Various activities will take place in Utrecht, Houten, Neugengen, Igelstein and Leerdam. For exact width and locations see www.lister.nl/week-van-de-mentale-gezondheid.

to sign up
Anyone can participate in an activity of their choice on the site. For some activities, registration is not necessary, you can just go there.

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