Waberer’s 79 Native American drivers parked behind the wheel

Hungarian Vapor has solved the driving shortage in India. The company plans to send 79 drivers from that country to the UK.

An ad seeks Waberer’s Hindi-speaking planners and an HR manager to properly manage drivers. The first 19 drivers are said to have arrived from India at present. They have to follow a two-week course and then gain two more weeks of experience in Hungary before they can go on the road independently. They will then be sent to the UK.

There are many national races behind the wheel of the vapor, including many Romanians and Ukrainians. The latter group was significantly thinner as many drivers wanted to go home to defend their country. As for Vapar, it made them want to see more, and they ended up in India. Other large navies are already recruiting in India and the Philippines and even in Africa.

Very talented immigrants

Drivers from non-EU countries are referred to as ‘intellectual immigrants’. This is actually a program designed for nuclear or medical professionals, but apparently some EU drivers also think that drivers will be insured. If an EU country grants such a work permit, it will immediately apply to all EU countries. It is unclear how this will be arranged in the UK after Brexit, but the truth is that the Mobility Package, which regulates the duty of vehicles and personnel to return to work, does not apply to the UK. Drivers from India may spend more time in the UK in response to driver shortages. Coincidentally, Waberer is not the only one employing drivers for Europe in India. Lithuanian cargo is also said to attract tens of thousands or hundreds of Indians to stop on European roads.

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FNV is concerned

When asked by FNV’s Willem Dijkhuizen, he was concerned about the condition of European drivers. “These kinds of practices should be discussed in the collective labor contract negotiations we are now undertaking. Payment is not just an item, for example, the level of education of drivers outside the EU. ”

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