Warner Bros. He wants a Hogwarts Legacy game in which players can “live, work, build and play” for a longer period of time

Hogwarts Legacy It was a starting point so it is almost certain that there will be a rematch. The only question is what we can expect from him, of course. The latest interview may actually provide some clues.

Warner Bros. He wants to focus less on traditional AAA console games and more on live action, free-to-play and mobile games. Traditional AAA games are said to be very volatile in terms of revenue, partly because they cannot retain players long enough.

During the interview conducted by Warner Bros. Discovery Games head JB Perrette talked about this, and Hogwarts Legacy was mentioned as an example. Perrett said he would like to have some live service elements “around” a game like Hogwarts Legacy, allowing players to “live, work, build and play” in the game world for a longer period.

However, there was indeed a real chance that Hogwarts Legacy 2 would include co-op and perhaps competitive multiplayer, but now it also looks like a Warner Bros. game. He wants to keep players glued to the second game for much longer than was possible in the first game. This can be done by adding more live service elements or turning it into an MMO-lite game. Comparisons are being made here and there to something like Dreamlight Valley.

Of course, it remains to be seen what Hogwarts Legacy 2 will really offer, but with Warner Bros.' new focus on the game. It would be strange not to immerse one of their most successful games in recent years in the bath of live service magic.

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