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In a dual interview with Camp Wes elite soldier Flay and Professor Jonathan Hoslag last week on HLN, Flay talked about, among other things, “the role of victimhood in our society.” Children with ADHD have also been used as an example. “Children who cannot sit still are labeled as having ADHD and are medication-addicted. We are victims and patients rather than perpetrators. While these lifestyle-related diseases can be treated or prevented through a healthy lifestyle and exercise,” Fly said, Our correspondent Sander van den Broek – who also suffers from ADHD like his daughter – wrote an angry letter to Fly. “You are calling my daughter a perpetrator, as if she made choices for which she was responsible,” he said. Below you will find Fly's response to that letter in full. .

Dear Mr. Sander van den Broek, Right after I said that people like to play the victim, I came to reinforce my words. I would like to correct something in my well-camouflaged wisdom.

I never said ADHD didn't exist, but the diagnosis is made too quickly for active children to be calmed down. Every person is born with a full set of potential psychological disorders that emerge under the right stimuli. This makes you different, but not necessarily pathetic or a victim. Many people use these qualities to their advantage. This is called individual responsibility and conflicts with your role as a victim.

If you have a different opinion or want to defend a different point of view, you are free to do so, but the same goal can be achieved without playing the role of a man, and without personally insulting or attacking him indignantly with derogatory terms.

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But I have to agree with you. ADHD and Ritalin should have been invented much earlier. All the ADHD traits you attribute to your daughter, and of course to yourself, also applied to me in the past. As a school student, I was a complete nightmare. Unfortunately, ADHD did not exist at the time and I was not given Ritalin. How different my life would be under the influence of Ritalin. My life path would probably have ended very conventionally with successful studies and a similar career, and I would never have found the motivation to go into the Special Forces. I probably wouldn't have had my incredibly interesting life, and ultimately there wouldn't have been a Wes Camp. As a result, no one will step on your toes and you will not be able to write your fatherly letter to me.

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