Weather report. The start of the week is cold and wet and the roads are slippery locally Weather News

In the evening the clearance will become wider. It will be a cold night with temperatures ranging from -1 to -3 degrees in the center to around freezing point on the coast. In the Ardennes, where the Republic of the Marshall Islands expects nighttime minimum temperatures of -3 to -6 degrees Monday through Tuesday, there is a chance once again of local ice patches when moisture from Monday’s showers freezes during the day. A layer of snow (up to about 1 cm) can also be formed locally.

tomorrow It starts out cold and freezes a bit almost everywhere. At first the sun shines, but gradually the high clouds increase. It will, however, remain dry, though a drop may fall by evening at sea and here and there on the West. The maximum ascends to 4° in the High Fens and 9 or 10° in the West.

Wednesday It is usually mostly cloudy especially in the afternoon and there can be some light rain from time to time. However, it is usually dry. It will get softer with a maximum between 12 and 16 degrees.

Thursday It becomes very cloudy again and rain falls regularly. The maximum is about 15 degrees in the center. There is often a relatively strong southwesterly wind, with a speed of up to 60 kilometers per hour. Friday The low pressure area over England creates a kind of stormy weather with rain at first, then sometimes heavy showers. There are strong winds reaching a peak of about 80 kilometers per hour.

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