WhatsApp can now also be used on your Mac without an iPhone

WhatsApp has launched a new feature and you can now use it on other devices like your Mac, even without an iPhone. Your phone no longer needs to connect to WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal.

Read on after the announcement.

How to use WhatsApp on Mac without iPhone

It was already possible to use WhatsApp on your Mac, but before that you had to Iphone Always stay close. Then the messages were forwarded to your desktop via your phone.

It will end because The WhatsApp It can now also be used without your phone. There are some restrictions on using WhatsApp on other devices. These are:

  • You can use up to four devices without your phone having to be connected to the Internet.
  • It is not possible to make calls or send messages from the web, portal or desktop for users who have an old version of WhatsApp on their phone.
  • If you have not used your phone for 14 days, the paired devices will not be paired.

In addition, some features are not yet supported in WhatsApp on other devices. For example, it is not possible to delete chats on all devices at the same time and iPads currently do not have access to the new functions. In addition, the creation and viewing of a mailing list is limited.

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How do you get the update in WhatsApp?

The update is currently in beta, but it is rolling out slowly. If you want to try out the function yourself, you can do it in the following way.

Open WhatsApp and tap Settings > Paired Devices. You will then receive an automatic notification that you can try the new optimization. Press OK and you can get started. All you need now is Mac And you can use WhatsApp without iPhone.

Connect Mac to WhatsApp

connect to your Mac, MacBook Air Or any other device you are still using from the WhatsApp app on your iPhone. You do not need to install a new application for this. To connect another device to WhatsApp, follow these steps.

WhatsApp on Mac: This is how you connect and use the app without iPhone

  1. open WhatsApp;
  2. Tap on “Settings > Paired Devices”;
  3. Press the “Pair a device” button and confirm your choice with Face ID;
  4. go to the web.whatsapp.com on your Mac and point your iPhone camera to the qr code;
  5. Wait a moment and WhatsApp will be ready to use.

Useful tips for WhatsApp

Anyone can send an app, but WhatsApp can do more than that. The chatting app is packed with features that make the app more fun. Take this example silent message. Thanks to this feature, you will not be distracted all the time by the sound of incoming messages. It’s also very good to do Make your own stickers for whatsapp.

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