When will Continental open: Concerns about delta diversity?

Travel companies are eagerly awaiting the opening of the first Continental destinations, and are increasingly wondering why intercontinental destinations that are compliant with the rules of compliance with European destinations (and sober travel advice) should continue to pursue orange travel. Advice. Travelpro is its European destination Barometer Follow up, be below fifteen averages 150 infections per 100,000 citizens. However, the delta variant may still throw a spanner into the works. In the United Kingdom, the number of infections continues to rise

Increase in epidemics in the UK
The increasing number of infections in the United Kingdom, while the number of infections in other European countries continues to decline, needs to be closely monitored. The delta variation will increase the number of infections there. Three weeks ago, the number of infections per 100,000 people a day was still 3,380, but due to the daily increase, that number was 10,809 yesterday.

New ECTC list
This week, the ECTC released another new list, with only two countries per 150 to 100,000 exceeding the number of epidemics in fifteen weeks. Only Denmark and Latvia are over 150 on the latest list.

Germany and Austria
In Germany, the number of infections dropped again yesterday as it rose slightly for three days in a row. The two-week average per 100,000 is 31.29, the lowest average in measurements Travelpro Barometer. Austria has been on the rise for the past three days, but the numbers are not alarming. With a fifteen-week average of 40.96, the country is in a much better position than many other countries.

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Outside Europe
Places outside of Europe hope to get the ‘green’ light soon enough to reach the Dutch population. The safest countries outside the EU / Schengen for low COVID-19 risk are currently Australia, China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau), Israel,
Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea. However, there are entry restrictions for some Dutch people to these places. Aruba, Bonaire, Curaக்கோao, Sint Morton, Sabah and Sint Eustatius are the safest countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Americans are welcome
Other European countries meanwhile allow American travelers, but travelers to other continents are also allowed. For example, Italy opens its doors to travelers from the United States, but also to travelers from Canada and Japan. France has also opened its doors to travelers from the United States and Canada. This seems to be a matter of time before travelers from Europe are welcomed back to the US and Canada.

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