Who will replace Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House? Hard-line Republicans, among others, have put Trump ahead outside

It is unclear who will succeed Republican Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the US House of Representatives. The most prominent figure proposed by party members inside and outside Congress to be the new “Speaker of the House” is former President Donald Trump. There is no rule stating that candidates for this position must be members of Congress. But the right wing of Republicans is also considering other names.

At the initiative of Republican Matt Gaetz, fellow party member Kevin McCarthy was removed from the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives yesterday. This is an important leadership position in the United States, because the president is second in the order of succession to the president, after the Vice President (Kamala Harris). In addition to all the Democrats in attendance, eight Republicans also voted for McCarthy. The Republican Party, which has a majority in the House of Commons, must now propose a new candidate. But they do not agree on this internally.

look. McCarthy voted out of the Speaker of the House position

Donald Trump

The far right of Republicans loves Donald Trump as Speaker of Parliament, despite the presence of a number of lawsuits against the former president.

Republican Troy Nehls, a Texas state representative, tweeted his preference for Donald Trump as a nominee shortly after McCarthy’s message that he would not run for president again. Greg Steube, R-Florida, joined Niles moments later, as did Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia). “The only presidential candidate I currently support is President Donald J. Trump,” the controversial Republican conspiracy theorist posted on ‘X’.

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And according to talk show host Sean Hannity of conservative Fox News, this is a serious path. “I’ve been told that President Trump might be open to helping the Republican Party, at least in the short term, if that’s what it takes,” Hannity said.

The new Speaker of the House of Representatives must have 218 votes behind him. Republicans have a majority with 222 seats, while Democrats have 212 seats. But Republicans are deeply divided. It also took a lot of effort to elect McCarthy president: it took fifteen rounds of voting at the beginning of this year.

In addition to Donald Trump, there are other names being circulated to succeed McCarthy.

Tom Emmer. © Getty Images via AFP

Tom Emmer

Since this year, Minnesota’s Tom Emmer has been the so-called House majority whip, the politician responsible for correct voting behavior on important issues within his party. Emmer entered Congress in 2014. In 2010, he was unable to become Governor of Minnesota.

According to some Republicans, Emmer is the party’s most prominent candidate for the position of Speaker of Parliament. But Emmer himself appears to be supporting another potential candidate, Steve Scalise of Louisiana. “Steve Scalise has been a good friend of mine for a long time. He will be an excellent speaker,” he said. More about Scalise below.

Kevin Hearn.
Kevin Hearn. © Getty Images

Kevin Hearn

The name of Republican Representative from Oklahoma, Kevin Hearn, is also mentioned. He is chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee. According to a source close to him, he will take his candidacy for presidency of the House of Representatives “seriously.” Reportedly, several party members have already contacted him, CNN wrote. Hearn will particularly appeal to Republican hardliners. In the eighth round of voting for the presidency in January this year, Hearn also received a number of protest votes against McCarthy. Before his political career in the House of Representatives that began in 2018, Hearn worked at McDonald’s as an aerospace engineer.

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Jim Jordan.
Jim Jordan. © Getty Images via AFP

Jim Jordan

Republicans also dropped Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan’s name to CNN. Jordan is said to be open to a speaker’s job. Jordan chairs the House Judiciary Committee, and was nominated as a candidate for the position of committee chairman in January by the far-right wing of the Republican Party. He is also a co-founder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. He supported lawsuits filed by Republicans to declare the results of the 2020 presidential election invalid. Jordan also voted against approving those results.

Steve Scalise.
Steve Scalise. © Getty Images via AFP

Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise is the man who has the support of another potential candidate, Tom Emmer. Scalise, from Louisiana, is the House Majority Leader. CNN has learned from a good source that Scalise himself has already polled party members about his potential candidacy.

In January, Republican hardliners actually called for Scalise as a counter-McCarthy nominee, but he did not respond at the time. It was clear that if Speaker McCarthy withdrew, Scalise would almost certainly choose to do so. His answer to yesterday’s question about whether he really wanted it: “I feel good.” Scalise is a computer scientist who was first elected to Congress in May 2008.

His 2014 speech on behalf of the so-called “white supremacist” organization, which David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, founded in 2002, was controversial. Scalise later apologized for this. He said he regretted this mistake.

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