Why does your urine smell strange after eating asparagus?

In the department Nutrition under the microscope We share a scientific view on nutrition and health. The internet is full of claims about these two broad topics, but is the information true? We provide clarity with the help of various experts. With today: What’s that weird smell on the toilet after eating asparagus?

You may have noticed, maybe not (but that will likely change after this article): After you eat asparagus, your urine smells completely different than usual. Now that the asparagus season is slowly starting again, we’ve been asking ourselves about SubwayEditors wonder how this is possible.

We decided to introduce it to Iris Groenenberg, an expert in nutrition and health at The Nutrition Center.

Why does your urine smell strange after eating asparagus?

“Your urine can have a somewhat pungent odor after eating asparagus,” says Groenberg. “This applies to both white and green asparagus. Some of the substances in asparagus, including asparagus acid, are converted in the body into compounds that contain volatile sulfur. You pee that sulfur, and that gives your urine the typical asparagus smell,” she explains.

The present scent can often be smelled an hour after eating asparagus. Does your toilet still smell like roses? You may not be able to smell sulfur at all. “Research has shown that you need a specific chromosome to be able to smell asparagus. However, a lot of people have a small mutation, so you can’t do that,” says Gruenberg.

Feel free to put asparagus on the menu in the coming weeks, because the dietitian says this vegetable is very healthy. “Asparagus contains vitamins like folic acid and vitamin K. But don’t forget to mix in the vegetables: this is the best way to get all the good nutrients from the vegetables.”

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fresh asparagus

Finally, Groenenberg shares the advice for anyone who wants fresh, buttery asparagus: “Put the asparagus gently on top of each other. If you hear squeaks, it’s fresh. The fewer sizzles, the less freshness. Also look closely at the bottom: If the asparagus is too dry, It’s less juicy and you have a faster chance of “linear” asparagus.

Of note, enjoy your meal!

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