With just days to go before the next Starship test, the number of infections among SpaceX employees raises questions

The next test of Starship, SpaceX’s fully reusable rocket system, is scheduled for next Friday, at least if the company receives approvals. A Reuters study showed that more than 600 injuries occurred among company employees since 2014.

Why is this important?

The next launch could take place on November 17. At least, provided the FAA and a number of other US federal agencies approve it. This is the second test flight with the spacecraft.

From a study he conducted Reuters Several industrial accidents, sometimes with serious physical consequences, appear to have occurred at SpaceX.

  • In 2014, a SpaceX employee was killed on company grounds in McGregor, Texas. He was part of a team that had to move foam insulation, but there were no straps to safely secure the load. A gust of wind was enough to topple the load with one of the workers.
  • Federal inspector

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