“Get your ass up!” Republican senator wants to fight with union man in hearing outside

A US Senate hearing was marred by a bitter exchange that nearly turned into a brawl. Republican politician Markwayne Mullen rose to attack Sean O’Brien, president of the International Brotherhood of Truckers.


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During the hearing on economic issues, Mullen cited five tweets in which O’Brien targeted him. He read a letter from June in which O’Brien called him, among other things, a fraud and a buffoon. “Stop acting like a tough guy in Senate hearings,” she said. “You know where to find me. Anywhere, anytime, cowboy.”

Mullen, a former mixed martial arts fighter, interpreted the latter too literally. “We can be consenting adults,” he told O’Brien. “We can end it here.” The latter agreed, leading to the famous conversation: “Get your ass up then” – “No, you get your ass up then.” Mullen stood first, looking ready to fight.

God knows the American people already have enough contempt for Parliament

Bernie Sanders, moderator


President Bernie Sanders had to calm the two down repeatedly, like a school principal to a class of rowdy teenagers. He shouted, among other things: “You are a US Senator!” “God knows the American people already have enough contempt for Parliament.”

The two fighters had fought with each other before. Mullen challenged O’Brien to an MMA fight in June, something the latter also referred to during the hearing as “something a 12-year-old bully would do at school.” O’Brien also kept mum about the fight, pretending his idea of ​​”anywhere, anytime” meant grabbing a cup of coffee together. The bickering continued for a while until Sanders turned to another senator to ask a question at the hearing.

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Afterwards, Mullen denied wanting to physically attack O’Brien.

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Republican politician Markwayne Mullen stood up to attack Sean O'Brien,
Republican politician Markwayne Mullen stood up to attack Sean O’Brien, © AP screenshot

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