Women’s World Cup | The Spanish Federation dismisses the controversial national team coach and apologizes for the inappropriate kiss

Velda did not go back on his words, and after that eleven employees decided to resign. Assistant national coach Montserrat Toumi also resigned from her position. After Velda is released from the hospital, she can return. She is now the new national coach of the world champions.

The Spanish Football Federation is now mired in kiss-and-no response: “The damage to Spanish football, Spanish sport, Spanish society, the values ​​of football and sport in general is enormous,” the federation wrote. In a message. Interim President Pedro Rocha also says he is ashamed.

Velda has long been an object of regret in Spanish women’s football. The coach, who has been in charge since 2014, has been criticized for his sometimes authoritarian leadership style. He prevented players from locking their hotel rooms and searching players’ bags. 15 players, including international star Alexia Putellas, indicated last year that they would refuse to play for the Spanish national team led by Velda.

Then the association placed Velda’s hand above her head. He threatened to suspend the complaining players.

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