Worldslayer expansion for Outriders announced

Outriders has received several updates since its release last year and the title is still receiving very good support from developer People Can Fly. For example, developer and publisher Square Enix today announced the Worldslayer expansion, which will be released for the game on June 30.

Through a presentation, Square Enix showed off the new images necessary for this expansion earlier today that come with some new features. We were also able to run the expansion recently and that went well, as Worldslayer builds on the core concept, but adds the necessary innovation.

This starts with some new environments, so we can start in an area that was completely frozen and looked really cool thanks to the icy detail. This is a welcome change from the relatively gray, gritty, and green environments players already know. But it didn’t stop there, we also visited an abandoned fishing village that seems to have come straight out of Resident Evil 8, which also provides the necessary variety.

New environments should give the game a new impetus and to make it more interesting in terms of gameplay, necessary changes are made and new things are added. One of the most important things in this regard is the secondary skill tree, which allows you to add additional skills to your character in addition to the ones you already have from the base game.

However, this does not mean that you have to complete the original game, because you can immediately start the new campaign that comes with this expansion upon release. And this is a big task again, because according to the developer, you can easily click 100 hours if you want to do everything. And since the content is quite extensive, this is a paid extension.

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This also applies to Xbox Game Pass, so Worldslayer will not be offered through this service. If you don’t own Outriders, you will get the game for free by purchasing this expansion. Anyway, back to the innovations, because there’s more than just a new campaign and a series of new environments. For example, in the background there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make it more interesting for the players.

First of all, a new progression system called Ascension was introduced. By fighting enemies, you get points and with this you can reach new levels of ups and downs. With more than 200 points to unlock, there is enough progress to be made because you can invest these points in different characteristics of your character. In practice, this means more HP, better armor, higher critical attacks, etc.

If you’ve defeated the Outriders, you’re probably familiar with the challenging levels, which are an alternative to the world levels in the End Game of Expeditions. This system returns, but in a modified form under the name “Apocalypse Tiers” and should form a more natural extension of the levels of the world. This goes up to level 40 and this affects the gear you can take with you, the loot you receive, the amount of XP you get and more.

Since this is new, the challenging levels will be gone. For this reason, Apocalypse levels also apply to Expeditions, which makes them more compatible, and this mod for Outriders itself does not require a Worldslayer purchase. However, when you start scaling, you’ll automatically move to apocalyptic levels no matter what you play next, thus preventing different levels of entanglement and getting in the way of each other.

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With this apocalypse tier you can of course expect better gear depending on your level and with Worldslayer new weapons and items are being introduced under the name “Apocalypse Gear”. These are Epic and Legendary types of equipment and come with a third mod slot, so you have more options in terms of customization. However, the difference compared to other types of weapons and items is that Apocalypse Gear cannot be crafted, but can only be obtained through mod drops. The third adjustment slot cannot be adjusted either.

Finally, Worldslayer will bring you to experience new explorations as end-game content. This will be offered in-game as a Tarya Gratar Experience, but we won’t have more details until later this summer.

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