Xiaomi’s battery lasts 100 minutes longer than the competition

Xiaomi has developed a new battery technology that allows it to get rid of 10 percent of the extra capacity without increasing its size. According to the company, you should make sure that the new battery lasts 100 minutes longer than the other battery.

Xiaomi battery technology

Xiaomi has something new to offer in the field of batteries: a technology that will be put into practice as early as 2022. This alone is significant news, because although there have been many innovations in the field of fast charging in recent years, you cannot say the same about phone batteries Smart.

Xiaomi has now developed battery technology that allows 10 percent more capacity to be placed in a battery without increasing its size, according to a message on Chinese social media. Xiaomi has managed to make the semiconductors in the battery take up less space to increase the capacity. Xiaomi says that this improvement will allow the device to run for up to 100 minutes longer.

Left: conventional battery: Right: Xiaomi battery with the same capacity

Of course, the advantages also work in the other direction, because now the battery needs to take up less space in the case of a smartphone of the same capacity. In the photo above, you can visually see what this profit could look like. If you know that the arrangement of the various components in modern smartphones is a big mystery, then you realize that it is an important feature. This could mean, for example, that a larger viewfinder suddenly fits in, because more space is freed up thanks to the new battery.

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Production starts in 2022

Xiaomi wants to put the technology into practice in batteries that will be produced from the second half of 2022. This means that we won’t see the benefits in the next generation of flagships right away, but we may do so after that. Technology can of course also play a role in other Xiaomi electronics.

Last year, an OPPO expert announced that there There is no major breakthrough possible in battery technology. Whether you can really consider this a “big hack” is up for debate. Previously, Xiaomi also came with Super powerful charger, but it will bring Comes with flaws.

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