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We need to move moreWe need to move more. How do you find the sport that suits you best? Health journalist Tijn Elferink and behavioral scientist Johnny Buivenga research the advantages and disadvantages of different sports. Part 2: What if you want to exercise outside in the dark?

It’s getting colder and wetter. And with the start of winter time last Sunday, it will also be dark an hour before noon on Sunday. “These reasons are often used to not exercise,” says behavioral scientist and athletic trainer Johnny Bovinga. “What also plays a role in this period is that swim trunks or bikinis will not be necessary soon. Although I don’t think aesthetics is the best reason to exercise, the saying goes: Summer bodies are made in winter. “

Outdoor sports are more popular than ever

With winter approaching, it’s naive to think that everyone will continue to exercise outside, admits Edward Leuwenburg, of sports platform OneFit. “However, outdoor sports are more popular than ever. Outdoor sports was the first thing people could do again after the lockdown.” Bicycles have since been brought back indoors, but HIIT, flow yoga, and especially boot camp, remain suitable for outdoor sports. “I expect they’ll still be popular in the fall and winter.”


Exercising outside is more fun. See the sunrise or sunset and activate all your senses

Jamal Feddou

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Bootcamp coach Jamal Fado of De Wolf Gym sees his groups getting bigger after the summer. “Working outside is so much nicer,” says the coach, who moved his indoor training courses to the beach years ago. See sunrise or sunset. All of your senses are stimulated. This way you not only train your body, but also your mind. It gives you peace of mind and I see people leave with smiles on their faces.”

How often does it really rain?

Rain quickly gives a distorted picture. Since you think it rains a lot, you are more likely to see bad weather confirming your position. This is the so-called Confirmation bias. So every time you look outside and the weather is sloppy, you think: I see you. But don’t count all the times when the weather is nice. Buivenga: It’s the same thing when someone calls you and says, ‘I was just thinking of you.’ That’s right, but you forgot all the times you thought about this person and didn’t call him.”


Experience shows that it doesn’t rain so often that you can’t exercise

Johnny Bovenga

Your own experience is the best way to refute an image in your head. ,, So do a Reality check: Count how often it doesn’t rain. Or look up how much it actually rains in the Netherlands. Experience shows that often it does not rain so much that you cannot exercise.”

Bootcamp is the new soccer club

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According to Fado, they are motivating to exercise together. “People here are making new friends. What used to be a football club is now a training camp.” The feeling of the group is so strong that people want to become a part of it. “When people walk next to them they first think: What is this? After several times they came close and a week after they joined. It is that contagious.”


The rain may not be pleasant, but imagine taking a hot shower after a workout

Johnny Bovenga

Buivenga emphasizes that the social aspect can certainly motivate. Therefore, at the end of the lesson plan the next lesson together. “You are less likely to cancel if you know there are people waiting for you.” Fado is waiting for an athlete with an enthusiastic smile. “If someone stands with an angry face in front of a group, don’t think the following week: Yes, I want to come back again.”

Nice feeling after exercise

Can’t get off the couch despite all the advice? “Then ask yourself: How will I feel when I come back from the sport,” Buivenga says. “When you lie on the couch, imagine how good you feel when you come back. And: Do I really mind wet rain? The rain might not be nice, but imagine taking a hot shower after working out.” Are you really not in the mood and you don’t go? “Okay, give yourself that. Plan a new sports date right away.”

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