You can’t tell the difference between bonfires, cats and cougars anymore. It’s compensation for Eddie Demarais’ stupidity

On his mountain in the eastern cantons, Marnix Peeters writes about freedom, his birds, and his wife.

Marnix Peters

Croc was attacked by a stray dog. That really got to his throat. His boss convinced him to change his mind with the cane. That’s how it is in nature, he said briefly and then ran away. Croc’s belt is broken – an expensive joke, it must be made to order, it is the king of escapes.

My wife said: You will get wasps because of this manly behaviour. Not from the dogs, but from their owners. It doesn’t matter to the dog – as long as he can go for a nice walk. But the owner wants everyone to see how much control he has over his animal. He doesn’t need a leash, he listens perfectly. And if he doesn’t listen for a moment, it’s not bad, it’s nature.

In every photo we post of Boof, there’s at least one reaction along the lines of: “Why can’t he be released?” My wife put together a typical answer: It’s not convenient and it’s not necessary, that he’s chasing young deer and digging lark’s nests, and that letting the dog run away is a romantic idea in the head of a Flemish man who is completely alienated from nature – at the edge of the forest, the leash comes off and it’s like: Look at us And we are free. In the eastern cantons, farmers are desperate. Dogs defecate in their fields, cows eat them, and cause them to miscarry. There are banners hanging on the barns, Hundicot is sick of authorityBut Flemish continues undisturbed. Look at me being free, and there’s still room on my back for everyone else.

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But in the Eastern Pyrenees (I had incorrectly called them Occidentales in my previous article, due to confusion with Occitania) there are a lot of idiots wandering around, as we’ve already established – you always hope to get somewhere without them, but that becomes a thing. For the next life.

Here too we see more and more women wearing cycling suits and sweating it out in the mountains. We’ve already noticed something like this on Instagram: there are more and more posts from women using expensive racing bikes with their Strava averages included. This must be the Kubicki effect. Instead of laughing at these silly middle-aged men in trousers and thinking their own way about it, now they will also climb Mount Madeleine and show off their electric ability. Everything should be the same, including the silliness.

The media is also involved in this, because women’s football and women’s cycling should receive the same attention as men’s. The women’s tour is not very exciting, but we will watch it, that is: it will be shown on television with equal rights. You can’t tell the difference between bonfires, cats and cougars anymore. It’s the redemption of Eddie Demarais’ stupidity, and by stupidity we mean: leaving his microphone on.

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