You should always turn on these 4 features in iOS 16

There are a lot of new features in iOS 16. Some of them are very important and you should always have them on. In these iPhone tips, we are showing 4 iOS 16 features that you should turn on or check if they are on!

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4 iOS 16 Features You Should Turn On Immediately

There is a lot to like about iOS 16, but not all important features are always enabled. In addition, it does not hurt to check if these important functions are already in use with your iPhone.

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1. Automatically install security updates

It is important that you keep your iPhone updated. That’s why we recommend (usually) downloading the latest iOS updates right away. Sometimes Apple also has important minor updates. To make sure that they are installed right away, you should check if the function below is enabled on your iPhone.

  • Press “Settings”;
  • Go to “General > Software Update”;
  • Click on “Automatic Updates”;
  • Turn on the slider next to “Security measures and system files”.

2. Turn on the battery percentage

It is one of the most prominent new features of iOS 16 and we have written about it many times in our iPhone tips. However, not everyone knows that this option is available again.

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It is now possible to show the battery percentage in the corner of the screen. At least, on most iPhones. Few iPhones (such as iPhone 11) have to wait for iOS Update 16.1 until they have a choice.

  • Go to “Settings > Battery”;
  • Set the slider in the “Battery ratio” option to On.
iOS 16 battery percentage which is iPhones

3. Location Services Status Bar Icon

In the background, apps regularly request your location. You often don’t get any of this. Want to know when the app requests your location data? Then you can turn on the status bar icon.

  • Go to “Settings” and scroll down;
  • Choose “Privacy and Security”;
  • Click on “Location Services”;
  • Scroll down and click on “System”;
  • At the bottom, turn on the “Status Bar Icon” slider.

When an app uses your location information, you’ll see it at the top of the screen. An arrow will then appear next to the time.

iPhone location services

4. Accidentally ending the phone call (never again)

Have you ever pushed someone away during a phone call? This is because you turned off the phone. However, there is an option to avoid this. This allows you to lock the iPhone without stopping the phone call.

call lock ios 16

More iPhone Tips for iOS 16

There are of course also some features in iOS 16 that you should not leave out. That’s why we allow you See 3 Features in iOS 16 You Should Turn Off Immediately. Want to know more about all the new features that iOS 16 has? Then check out the article below!

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