Your body or your business? Karen chooses between health and camping

The Osibos camp in Galben is 60 years old this year. Karin Pinkaers has been running the family business for years, when she was told she had Parkinson’s disease.

Karen completely changes her course: she starts exercising every day, starts memory training and does everything in her power to lead a healthy life in order to stay a few steps away from illness. Unfortunately, this progressive disease has irreversibly overtaken her and Karen must choose between her health or her job. She and Rita Maris have written a book about the process. “My body or my company?It comes out Friday.

Ryan visits the camp site, where Karen recounts how it all began nine years ago.

She tells how she changed course.

Learn more about Karen’s cover and why she thinks it’s important to share her story here:

Friday, August 26th is the presentation of the book “My Body or My Company?” At Camping Osebos in Gulpen. You are allowed to attend, but register in advance at [email protected].

More info about the camp anniversary

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