YouTube adds HDR support to Xbox

YouTube has finally added support for HDR video to Microsoft’s Xbox game consoles. We are still waiting for support on PS5.

PS4 users have had HDR support on YouTube for about two years now. YouTube now also offers HDR support on Xbox consoles, including the Xbox One S or X – and next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X and Series S. If you have a TV or monitor that can display HDR content, Xbox will automatically convert the output to HDR. When you choose to display relevant content.

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You can know when the console is outputting HDR when the TV or screen prompts you to switch to HDR mode or by checking ‘Obsessed Statistics’ For face.

YouTube HDR output is still not available on PS5 – The console launched in November without HDR support for its YouTube app. This was also the case with Microsoft’s next-generation console, but a recent update just fixed that.

next step? YouTube needs to make more HDR content available on its platform. In fact, creators should upload more content with HDR.

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