YouTuber wanted to scam fans for €54 million | Abroad

Thai police are looking for a 30-year-old YouTuber who defrauded her followers for at least €54 million. On social media, she showcases luxury products, such as watches, bags, and cars.

30-year-old Suchata Nongsupachak, whose pseudonym Nutty, proceeded with caution. She invited her followers to invest in her friend’s business. Deals with online currency trading. She promised her followers “huge profits”. One of her fans transferred 400,000 euros, according to a lawyer defending dozens of victims.

Suchata said in April that all of its followers’ money was lost due to a “trading error”. It seemed no reason to panic. You will pay off all the money. A few months later, she announced that two cases had been filed against her. “If I end up in prison, I won’t be able to pay anyone money,” he said.

Thai authorities suspect that Suchata defrauded her followers – a total of 6,600 people – for 54 million euros. Meanwhile, about 100 people have filed a complaint.

The woman is said to have changed her name twice in the past, making it more difficult for authorities to track her down. In Singapore, she is suspected of another fraud. In this case, products worth 30 million euros were not delivered.

Suchata has disappeared from social media since June. The man in his thirties may have fled from Thailand to Malaysia in the meantime.

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