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Nine months after Microsoft launched Putting Together inside Teams, Zoom Immersive View is seeing the light of day.

In July of last year, Microsoft invented the Put together in Teams. Thanks to this update, holding online meetings is more realistic in one go. Thanks to intelligent artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to isolate participants from their own environment and place them in a shared (virtual) space.

The update was received enthusiastically by the users. Instead of a block group, Microsoft Teams put all participants in a virtual environment. Participants no longer have to stare at a set of video frames where everyone is – literally speaking – locked in their own group.

Answer Zoom: Immersive view

Zoom, this other big name for videoconferencing, is now, more than 9 months later, with its own version called “Compact View.” Zoom describes this in a Advertising “As a fun and new way to meet.”

According to the company, Zoom Immersive View helps create a true connection with each other to work together more effectively. A maximum of 25 participants can be ‘combined’ in one room for each meeting. When more people participate in the meeting, they will be displayed at the top of the screen as thumbnails.

The host is on top of Zoom Immersive View

Not only can the zoom meeting host choose the background, but he can also enlarge or reduce the participants’ pictures to create the most natural picture possible.

Photo: zoom

The host is also free to change the view as desired, from Zoom Immersive View to the “classic” gallery or to the setting where only the amplifier is in the image. It is also possible to allow participants to “sit” on the host’s own video feed.

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At the moment, Zoom Immersive Mode cannot be used in Breakout rooms. It is also not possible (yet?) To record a meeting in the panoramic view. All recorded meetings can be played in gallery or loudspeaker mode.

Free to use

Zoom Immersive View is free to use for all Windows and MacOS desktop users. The feature is enabled by default for all users using Zoom 5.6.3 or higher.

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