5 Pokemon Legends Arceus Predictions for 2022

1. Sanuh’s traditions

In 2007, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl released an edition Nintendo DS. In these games we can enjoy the world Sanuh And watch dozens of different Pokemon. Sinnoh in Diamond and Pearl happened in the modern era of Pokemon, but we don’t know much about the history of this region. Can we think of the history of Sanuh in prehistoric times? Pokemon Legends Arceus?

As we have all seen, the open world game has been taking place at Snuh for many years. The landscape is the same, but the different places and villages to be found in 2007 did not exist yet Pokemon Myths of Arceus. Everything in this old world is fresh and primitive. So it is nice to see how at that time people deal with wild Pokemon and how they catch them.

It is also interesting to see how the inhabitants of that time were trying to modernize civilization. Each Pokemon Zone He also has a different kind of culture and lifestyle. That is why it is interesting to see how so-called “Ainu culture” emerged in this world and whether it plays a major role in everyday life. If we use a Tractor He might think, we’re bound to see things like this again.

2. De Pokemon in Sanuh

Although the community in Pokémon Legends Arceus is a bit rudimentary, Pokémon is still cute, old, and familiar. We can do everything 4th generation Pokemon We expect to return in the open-world game, in which we have to catch up with handcrafted Pokéballs. However, we can choose from three starters that have nothing to do with the fourth generation and the Snuh region. Can we expect more Pokemon from different generations?

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When you start a new adventure in Pokémon Legends, you can choose from Cyndaquil, Oshawott, and Rowlet. Three Pokemon that have nothing to do with the fourth generation. Although these Pokémon beginners are very popular with Pokémon fans, there is a high chance that we will see other Pokémon of older or newer generations in the Sinnoh region.

May be different areas of Pokemon The world is so connected that all types of Pokemon live together in the wild. Big question, most likely answered in Pokémon Legends Arceus.

3. The role of Arceus

As evidenced by the title, Arceus will be playing a major role in Open world game. Although we’ve only seen the legendary Pokémon animations, little is known about the role of Pokémon. What do we think Arceus’ role would be?

Pokemon is not a Pokemon game if it doesn’t have villains or dark powers. So, it makes sense that some dark force appeared in Game. This could be, for example, another Pokemon with immense power, or a nasty group of people threatening the entire Sinnoh region. So Arceus can play a role in stopping these types of events. Or it might be a big turn off that Arceus is the dark force to stop.

This is speculation, because no one actually knows what the role of Arceus is. We know the creature will play a major role in the game. There might be a chance that we catch a Pokemon. But since Arceus is the creator of the entire Pokémon world, including Sinnoh, these opportunities may be less than expected. We hope so!

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4. The difference between the old and the new Sanuh

to Date We haven’t seen much of the Pokemon universe come back. Pokémon Legends Arceus changes that because everything we’ll see back in the new game will be very different compared to Modern Pokemon games. What do you mean by different?

The Pokeballs that usually catch Pokémon are handcrafted. It has wood and metal parts and looks more old-fashioned than the popular red Pokeball. At the moment, we also don’t know if there are variations of Pokéball in Pokémon Legends, which we’ve seen in nearly every Pokémon game.

Where Diamond and Pearl had beautiful towns and villages with great gyms, Pokémon Legends Arceus did not. You start in a village where part of the Sanuh civilization lives. Once you get out of here you are in the complete wilderness. So there aren’t (to our knowledge) any other big cities with gym leaders that you can handle Fighting. It is a pure open world game where the main objective is to observe, capture and discover the secrets of Pokémon in the Sinnoh region.

5. The role of shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon It’s a big part of the reason Pokémon fans keep playing the latest games. However, we didn’t get a glimpse of Shinies in Pokémon Legends. Go this Colorful creatures Come back in 2022?

If Pokémon want to please their fans, they have to return the shiny stuff to Pokémon Legends Arceus. This can also work well. Hence, the main mission of this game is to discover the world.

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The discovery of legendary Pokemon, like Shinies, is also part of that. Whether Shiny Pokémon plays a major role in this game is questionable, as they never played a major role in the older games. But there’s a good chance Shinies will appear in Legends.

What else do you expect from Pokémon Legends Arceus? Let me know in the comments!

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