A cash transport employee (26) puts 6 million euros in garbage bags and disappears News

An employee of the German money transport company Prosegur stole 6 million euros. The thief, a 26-year-old woman, put the money in garbage bags. Although there was camera footage of the theft, it was not noticed until two days later. At the same company, a woman also absconded with €1 million last year.

According to German media, the theft occurred on Saturday, September 2, in Prosegur in Potsdam. This is evidenced by surveillance camera images that the police have not published at the present time. The next day, Sunday, the theft of money went unnoticed. The employees did not inform the police until Monday. In this way, valuable time may have been lost searching for the thief.

The police are releasing little information at the moment. Surveillance photos show the 26-year-old putting money into trash bags. Then she completes her tasks and disappears with the money. It is not known what position the woman held within the company. She’s still on the run.

Accomplice arrested

According to the newspaper “Bild”, the police identified the car of one of the accomplices in the camera images. This path led to Berlin, where the suspect, Volkan O, 33, was arrested last Thursday. When investigators arrived, he tried to escape by jumping from a second-floor balcony. It was not announced whether part of the stolen items had been recovered from him.

It remains unclear how someone, in a heavily guarded cash transportation company with strict security regulations, could escape with such a sum of cash for the second time in a year. A Prosegur spokesman said: “The company is working closely with the authorities.”

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Light punishment

In the same company, Mernessa S. (42 years old) also stole one million euros in cash. Because of her stunning appearance, she became “Europe’s most wanted thief” and was given a reduced sentence in August. She was allegedly lured into a trap by a fitness boy with beautiful eyes who fled with the money.

look. In the same company, Mernissa S. (42 years old) received one million euros last year

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