Ajax’s meticulous young captain Goeger immediately thought of Godets: ‘Health comes first’

He’s never scored in professional football, but he suddenly scored two goals tonight. Thanks in part to two goals from Jung Ajax captain Tristan Goyer, the Amsterdam side made a stunning comeback from 3-1 down in the final stretch. “I’m still happy with the point.”

Tristan Goeger: “Feeling great despite a lesser game” – NH Sport

The drawback to Jong Ajax’s return was the injury to Mika Godets. Gooijer was close by when the Belgian talent went down. “After the game I immediately thought about him. He’s an important player for us. Everyone’s health is our first priority. So something like that stays in your mind,” said Guyger. Godets was eventually carried off the field on a stretcher. It was then confirmed that it would be a hamstring injury.

“Offensive headers are not my specialty.”

Ajax young captain Tristan Goyer

The most positive for Gooijer were his two goals. His first goal came from a corner kick and the second from a precise cross from Rafael Sarfo. “Heading is not my specialty,” says Goeger of his first goal. “Fortunately, I hit it very well now.” “For the second goal, I was put in the striker. When Rafael has the ball, you know you have to run, because he has a great cross.”

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Ajax young coach Dave Vos: “The only positive thing is flexibility” – NH Sport

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