All NL Landmacht battalions from Thursday are under German command. “feel safe”

yeah ok telegraph we will bite again

13th Light Brigade from Thursday under the command of 10. Panzerdivision

It is of course a tradition here at GeenStijl to refer to “Netherlands” as a West German or medium-sized German holding company and to recognize “Dutch” as German only. And this is a tradition here because it is true of course, because the Netherlands is not a real country but a German/Brussels federal state. We don’t think anything of it, but let’s not deny it anyway.

And from Thursday, almost the entire Dutch army will be under German command. In 2014, the 11th Air Brigade was joined by the Beautiful Roosters from Schnelle Krafte department. In 2016, the 43rd mechanized brigade lost itself in 1. Panzer Division. Next Thursday, the 13th Light Knee Brigade will focus on 10. Panzer Division. This means in total *everyone* Three Dutch brigades. Brotherfolk reunion!

Great quote from Tele-repo: „“The Dutch just say hello to the general,” said Brigadier General de Jong of the 43rd Mechanic during a joint exercise. “In Germany, the decision is the end of the discussion, with the Dutch it is the beginning. The Germans have a prescription for everything and do everything according to the book, the Dutch don’t even know that there is a book, so to speak.”

Holland; A bit of the Hunter Biden family who, despite everything, is allowed to join us every Christmas.

2014: The 11th Mobile Brigade came under the command of the Schnelle Kräfte Division

2016: 43rd Mechanized Brigade under the command of 1. Panzerdivision

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And when will they submit to Dutch leadership again?

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