Arrests to run an illegal Chinese police station in New York | outside

“This allegation exposes the Chinese government’s flagrant violation of our nation’s sovereignty by setting up a secret police office in downtown New York City,” said Attorney General Brion Pace. The duo will be called soon.

In Washington, according to US media, 34 Chinese police officers were charged. They allegedly intimidate, harass, and threaten Chinese nationals who are “wanted” in the United States. Ten others, including eight Chinese government officials, have also been charged.

In November, the FBI reported on a Chinese police station in Manhattan as part of a global network of such outposts. In European countries, it is also being investigated whether China has established its own police stations. Beijing itself says these are “service centers” where Chinese citizens can arrange paperwork via volunteers.

The Spanish Safeguard Defenders working group reported last year that China had set up police stations in thirty countries, including Germany, without informing the host country. “RTL News” and “Follow the Money” reported at the time that “service stations” are used (also) to monitor and possibly put pressure on critical Chinese people in the Netherlands. According to China, the offices aim to help local Chinese citizens, for example, to renew an expired driver’s license online.

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