‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ returns in 2022 with old characters

Iconic Animated Characters Beavis and Boot Head Back in 2022 for “a brand new movie and more”. This was announced by creator, artist, and voice actor Mike Judge on Twitter. In it, Judge also immediately shared a rough sketch of the two numbers, which this time looks much older.

Mike Judge, Creator and Illustrator Beavis and Boot Head – Bronn: Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP, File / Isopix

Beavis and Boot Head It started in 1992 with a few short parts, but in the following years it has grown into a hugely popular animated series on MTV. The series ran for seven seasons, followed in 1996 with Beavis and Boot-Head de America Also a movie.

The first revival in 2011

After that, the numbers disappeared from the photo, but the fans kept calling for a comeback and that was in 2011. While the two people commented mainly on videos in the 90s, this time they also talked about other things like Jersey Shore in a real life. Mike Judge presented a total of 22 new episodes for MTV and this time again the series was a hit. However, the channel was renewed after the eighth season Beavis and Boot Head Not again because the series didn’t suit their target audience of teens.

Since 2014, Judge. was trying Bifid and Boot Head So pitch on other stations to revive again. Comedy Central It announced in 2020 that it had signed a deal for two new seasons and some specials, but there has been no concrete news of it yet.

Paramount +

This time, it was Mike Judge himself who confirmed it Beavis and Boot Head In 2022 Paramount+, the live streaming service associated with Comedy Central, will return. This time the judge is talking about a new movie “And More”. The exact date and more details are not available yet. The artist has already solved an initial sketch of the two iconic characters and they look much older this time around.

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