Best Navigation App for iPhone (And Excellent Alternatives)

Whether you are behind the wheel every day, or intermittently on the road: a good navigation app is indispensable. We have tested a lot of apps and these are the best in our opinion. We also include some good alternatives.

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This is the best navigation app for iPhone

However, the navigation app is the best for you, which is very personal. For example, some apps are ideal for motorists, but not so much for cyclists. Then there are also very comprehensive applications, but they fail in other areas.

So we have considered as many preferences as possible in the list below. You know what they say: So many people, so many desires. What is certain is that your next favorite navigation app is probably on the list.

1. Waze

Waze is the best navigation app for iPhone in our opinion, but not necessarily because the app itself is pretty good. Users are especially important. The Waze user community is very active and they keep each other informed about traffic jams, speed traps, speed cameras and other things that (could) affect your ride.

Moreover, the app does everything you would expect from a good navigation app. It gets you to your destination on time, looks well organized and also works well with CarPlay, Apple’s platform for you to use your iPhone on the go.

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