Biden prepares to meet King Charles

US President Joe Biden is coming to England on Sunday. The head of state arrives in London ahead of the NATO summit to meet British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and King Charles.

King Charles’ visit is considered the highlight of a short trip for Biden. Charles welcomed the US president at Windsor Castle. Here Queen Elizabeth received two of Biden’s predecessors, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Having previously met at the COP26 climate summit, Biden and Charles are expected to discuss climate change again. The US president also attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral last year, but has since been absent from Charles’ coronation. Biden was replaced by his wife, Jill. However, he congratulated the King on Twitter.

The purpose of Biden’s visit, according to the White House, was to “strengthen the good relationship between the two countries.” Mr Sunak has been doing his best to improve relations with the US after the policies of his predecessors Boris Johnson and Liz Truss cooled relations somewhat. This is due to Johnson’s relationship with Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, and the UK’s tough stance on Brexit negotiations.

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