Blinkin told Wang Yi that the US is concerned about China’s “alignment” with Russia

The two diplomats called their first private talks since October, a day after attending a G20 foreign ministers’ meeting on the Indonesian island of Bali.

He said he didn’t think so China He remained neutral because he supported Russia at the United Nations and “reinforced Russian propaganda.”

After the meeting, a US official said: “Neither side is backing down.”

“We were very open about our differences… but the meeting was constructive because, to be honest, the tone was very professional,” the official said.

Blinken said Chinese President Xi Jinping made it clear in a phone call with President Vladimir Putin on June 13 that he was on the verge of entering into a partnership with Russia.

Shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Beijing and Moscow announced an “unlimited” partnership, although US officials say they do not see China imposing tough US-led sanctions against Russia or providing military equipment.

U.S. officials have warned of consequences, including economic sanctions, if China provides material support for what Moscow calls a “special military operation” that could weaken Ukraine’s military. Kiev and its Western allies say the invasion is an unnecessary land grab.

Asked about his refusal to hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the G-20, Blinkin said: “The problem is that we don’t see any sign that Russia is ready to engage in meaningful diplomacy. †

Wang exchanged in-depth views on the “Ukrainian issue” during the talks on Saturday, according to a statement from his ministry.

He also told Blinken that the direction of US-China relations is at risk of further “misdirection” because of the problem with America’s view of China.

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“Many believe that the United States is experiencing a serious attack of ‘Sinophobia,'” Wang said.

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Wang also said Washington should quickly cancel additional tariffs on China and end unilateral sanctions against Chinese companies.

U.S. officials said before the talks that the meeting was held to stabilize the strained relationship between the U.S. and China and prevent it from accidentally turning into a confrontation.

In late June, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said US President Joe Biden and China’s Xi would talk again in the coming weeks.

Daniel Russell, the senior US diplomat in East Asia under former President Barack Obama, is in close contact with Biden administration officials, and the main purpose of the meeting is to open up an opportunity for face-to-face meetings ahead of the talks. The Biden-to-Biden meeting is an investigation. Xi, their first as leaders.

The United States describes China as its main strategic rival and fears that it will one day try to control the self-governing, democratic island of Taiwan.

Despite their rivalry, the world’s two largest economies remain important trading partners, with Biden considering removing tariffs on a range of Chinese goods to curb rising US inflation ahead of November’s midterm elections.

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