Brexit Concern Resolved: Rules for Data Transfer

Legal terms based on status

Incidentally, the British government has not yet given the idea of ​​changing the rules for British companies established a few years ago when GDPR was established. In that sense, everything is the same. But has legally disappeared under this condition.

That may change soon, because the need is clear. “Ensuring the free and secure transfer of personal data is important for businesses and citizens on both sides of the channel,” said Vera Zurov, EU Commissioner for Transparency and Values. In a joint statement. “The UK left the EU, but not the European privacy family.”

A series of draft documents are now being drawn up in the course of an investigation into the extent to which the rules in the UK are similar to the rules in the EU. The process will be quicker as the UK government has not changed the rules since its introduction into GDP. The result is presented to a panel with representatives from the European Data Protection Board (ETPP) and all member states. If they agree, the European Commission can officially authorize the data transfer. The British government has already agreed.

Face recognition

However, there may be a barrier, tips in this proposed treatment Venturebeat. The British government has introduced new procedures for applying technology to checks, such as facial recognition. This move may be a reason why some EU representatives want to create additional guarantees in the terms of data exchange with the UK.

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