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Boris Johnson has lowered himself Proxy There are demands in Brussels for 60% of the catches to be withdrawn from the EU fishing fleet, but the gap between the negotiators is wide, with Michael Barnier telling the camp capitals that 48 hours would be more important than he said.

In explanations to EU ambassadors and MEPs in Brussels, Downing Street has revised its demand from 80%, but it is unclear whether a split will occur the rest of the time, warning member states to avoid rushing.

The European Union has so far offered to repatriate 15% -18% of the fishery. Under the “level playground” rules, the common ground is seen to be slow, with England providing greater flexibility in recent days through a mechanism to ensure that no side can gain competitive advantage by regulating over time.

Speaking before EU delegates via video conference from London, Barnier said there had been some progress in guaranteeing Brussels that future UK domestic subsidies, known as state aid, would not disrupt trade after the 31st of December transition period. But there are problems with domestic enforcement and dispute resolution.

“The coming hours will be decisive,” Barnier said: “What’s the hurry?” “Ambassadors to each country bordering the UK – 11 in total – raised concerns in the level playing field and suggested he be on the verge of his negotiating order”.

EU ambassadors also urged not to allow fishing to become the last issue on the table for fear of last-minute pressure to flee the UK with a deal that could hurt the European fishing industry.

Barnier also said negotiators were looking to add a review section to review the terms in a timely manner, but diplomats rejected the proposal. “The EU wants a stable agreement, which will not be rewritten in a few years,” a source said.

Burnier told the ambassadors to summarize them on Friday, stressing the importance of progress during talks in London over the next two days.


From Prefusal to Brexit: The History of Britain in the European Union



With Sir Edward Heath Signed the access agreement The previous year, the UK enters the EEC in a full official ceremony with a procession of political leaders, including former prime ministers Harold Macmillan and Alec Douglas-Home, a torch-light rally, a procession of Tiki-bent officials and political leaders.


The UK decides to stay in the general market after 67% voted “yes”. Margaret Thatcher, then leader of the Conservative Party, campaigned to remain.

‘Refund our money’

Margaret Thatcher Negotiation The “Iron Lady” marched on the former French royal palace in Fontainebleau and demanded “a refund of our own money,” claiming that she had contributed only 1 2 to each of the “three poor” members of the community.

It was a move that sowed the seeds of Tory eurosepticism, which later led to a Brexit split in the party.

Bruges talk

Thatcher made the announcement to the EU community At a defining moment in EU politics, he questioned Jacques Delorce’s expansion plans, noting that 80% of all decisions on economic and social policy would be made by the European community “in the womb” with the European government within 10 years. . For Thatcher it was a long way off.

The Cold War ends

The fall of the Berlin Wall in Eastern Europe and the fall of Communism, which would later lead to the expansion of the European Union.

‘No No No’

Thatcher told the Commons in an unpopular speech about the divisions between the UK and the EU, saying he saw ‘no, no, no’ as a continuing power grab by Delores. Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper provokes its opposition to Europe with two fingers on the front page of “Up Your Tales”.

Black Wednesday

The collapse of the pound forced the removal of Prime Minister John Major and then-President Norman Lamond from the UK exchange rate mechanism.

Maastricht Treaty

Tory rebels vote against the deal that paved the way for the formation of the European Union. John Major voted in a pyre victory the next day.

Relationship adjustment

Tony Blair taps into the relationship. Signs up to the social charter and workers’ rights.


Nigel Farage picks up an MEP and immediately continues his attack on Brussels. “Our interests are best served by not being a member of this club,” he said in his first speech. “After the Titanic hits an iceberg, the playing field is level.”


Chancellor Gordon Brown decides not to join the UK euro.

The EU is expanding to include all eight countries in the former eastern camp, including Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The EU is expanding again, allowing Romania and Bulgaria into the club.

Immigrant Crisis

Anti-immigrant hysteria in the sun Katie Hopkins wrote “Cockroaches” and “How many more can we take?” Such news seems to be caught up with headlines. And “The Clois Crisis: Send the Dogs”.

David Cameron returns from Brussels with an EU reform package – but not enough to convince his own party’s Eurosceptic faction

Brexit referendum

UK votes to leave EU, pushes for David Cameron’s resignation and paves way for Theresa May to become prime minister

Britain leaves EU

The UK is leaving the EU after years of parliamentary stalemate over Theresa May’s bid to reach an agreement.

An EU diplomat said: “We are approaching a moment of rapid or breakdown in the Brexit talks. Intensive negotiations continue in London. As of this morning, it is not yet clear whether the negotiators will be able to bridge the gaps on issues such as status sport, governance and fisheries.

“As we enter the final stages of the Brexit talks, some member states are becoming increasingly confused.

Several member states, including France, and its chairman, Emmanuel Macron, have repeatedly stressed the importance of protecting Europe’s fisheries, saying they would like to resume negotiations in 2021 rather than rush into an agreement that would damage their coastal communities.

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One source said: “Fish species are in danger of extinction. Barnier supported the question of whether the UK had moved enough on the issue, but they needed to find a compromise that Macron could return to to find a deal. ”

The German MEP, which heads the European Parliament’s Brexit steering committee David McAllister said the European Parliament should urgently approve the bill by the end of this year.

He tweeted: “We are well aware that work on the level playing field and state aid is nearing completion. This is an important moment to translate policies into rules, and more importantly, the rules must be guaranteed by a strong enforcement framework.”

“We need to secure a deal that will deal with this and the rest of the issues in governance and fisheries.

“Rapid progress is essential. An agreement must be reached within a few days if the House and parliament are to complete their respective procedures before the end of the interim period. Democratic research is not negotiable.”

Meanwhile, the UK government has denied seeking to delay the implementation of Northern Ireland protocol on the withdrawal agreement, including new customs checks on goods entering the UK.

HMRC officials told MPs that overnight reports on an agreement on restrictions were “not approved”. They said the “light-touch” function and some “mercy” would be shown to businesses that are not ready.

It has emerged from a public hearing that British businesses must first meet 11m per annum customs notices to sell their goods in Northern Ireland.

Conservative MP Bob Stewart responded with shock to what he revealed during the Northern Ireland Select Committee. “Bloody hell, that’s a lot of heck,” he said.

Customs announcements are to be made as part of the Northern Ireland Code from January 1, but a major software organization, the Freight Vehicle Operations Service, has informed the panel that it will not go “end to end” with businesses until December 14th.

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